PVC roofing material: What you need to know

What You Need to Know About PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Roofing Material

If you are looking for a reliable roofing system that uses the best industry material and is easy to maintain, the Polyvinyl chloride roofing system is an ideal choice. This PVC roofing material is also easy to install whether you want it for your home or a commercial building.

Many property owners with a flat roof in Sacramento, Roseville, El Dorado Hills, Elk Grove, Cameron Park, Carmichael, Fair Oaks, and Davis are increasingly opting for the PVC roofing system. This roofing material is also highly resistant to chemical harm, UV damage, and high winds. They are also resistant to punctures and have very high durability levels. Read on to learn more about this PVC roof material.

What is PVC Roofing Material?

Polyvinyl chloride is a single roofing membrane that has become a popular roofing material on industrial and commercial roofs. A Polyvinyl chloride roof has two layers, with polyester serving as a supporting layer. Like other roofing materials such as EPDM and TPO, you can still apply this roofing system over existing roofing materials to have an eco-friendly roofing solution.

Expected Lifespan of a PVC Roof Material

The Polyvinyl chloride roofing system can serve for more than 20 years because the roof is exceptionally strong and durable. Notably, it can save you thousands of dollars that you would spend on maintenance and repairs. Naturally, with a high maintenance level, PVC roofing can last for more than two decades. Some ways that you can implement to ensure that you maintain this type of roof include:

  • Regular checks for ponding water. If standing water or ponding water goes unnoticed on a PVC roof for a considerable time, the water might seep through the roof. This leads to damage to your roof and the interior of your house, and you will have to incur costly repairs. Therefore, property owners will have to keep a keen eye on standing water on the roof before rot and mold develop.
  • Another vital aspect that will help extend your PVC roof material is ensuring that you have the correct drainage on your roof. This is a significant concern for those with a flat roof since it may be prone to drainage issues. Ensure the drainage is in the correct position so that the water gets flushed out of the roof immediately.
  • You should also inspect seams and flashing after a heavy downpour in Sacramento. Call a roofing repair expert immediately you spot any flashing signs or seams to avoid extensive repairs.
  • Finally, be on the lookout for any damaged or worn places that can lead to leakage on the roof so that you don’t have any further unexpected damage that would shorten the lifespan of your PVC roofing material.

Benefits of PVC Roofing

There are several convincing reasons why Polyvinyl chloride roofing is ideal for homes and commercial buildings, including:


PVC roofing material consists of high-quality material that makes the roof resistant to rotting, shock, corrosion, abrasion, and weathering. One major reason that makes this roofing system to be resistant to moisture is the hot-air welded seams. These seams form a water-tight bond that is even stronger than the material itself. This feature makes Polyvinyl chloride roofing one of the most durable roofs in the market. Going for other roofing material alternatives will require caulks, tapes, and adhesives to ensure that the material is intact yet, these options are significantly weaker than the welded seams. In fact, Polyvinyl chloride is the preferred material for various long-term outdoor products.

Resistant to Fire

Polyvinyl chloride roofs are fire-resistant, unlike other roofing types that burn and melt when exposed to fire. The chlorine element used to manufacture the PVC roofs makes the roof flame resistant and poorly combustible. As a result, the chances of fire spreading through the roof membrane, causing the roof to dislodge or collapse, are very minimal.

PVC roofs will self-extinguish the flames in case of fire since it doesn’t support combustion. In the case of a fire, the PVC material will prevent the fire from spreading to the building beneath. Also, the fire-resistant property leaves the membrane intact so that you won’t need an entire roof re-installation. In most cases, you will only need a few repairs that will take a short time and blend in smoothly with the original material.

Easy to Install

Most roof installation procedures require days or even up to a week to complete the entire project. However, working with PVC roofing material is easy, and it takes lesser days to complete an installation project. Also, PVC-rolled roofs can be welded, shaped, or cut into various styles that suit your building, and since the material is lightweight, it helps to minimize manual handling difficulties. Still, if you already have an existing roof, it’s possible to have PVC installed on it, which means you don’t have to demolish the old roof, which saves you money.

Resistant to Chemicals

If you run a manufacturing facility or other commercial business that exposes your roof to chemicals, PVC roofing material would be of great help. PVC roofing material is highly resistant to chemical damage. Other materials such as singly-ply and asphalt roofing are greatly affected by toxins and other harsh chemicals, leading to damages. Therefore, investing in PVC is cost-effective as you won’t have to make roof replacements every few years.

Water and Wind resistant

The hot air welded seams make the PVC membrane water-tight, especially during hurricanes and intense storms. This helps the materials remain resistant to water and high winds and can survive category three hurricanes. As such, whether you have a low or high-rise building, it will still withstand the high winds.

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