Commercial vs. Residential Roofing in Sacramento: What’s the Difference? 2024

Commercial vs Residential Roofing in Sacramento

Commercial buildings and residential buildings often have significantly different designs. While some commercial buildings will have an eye toward aesthetics, they tend to focus on function over form. Residential buildings, though, will generally attempt to strike more of a balance between the two. This difference in approach will often extend to roofing, which is why there are some significant differences in commercial vs. residential roofing in Sacramento.

How Commercial Roofing Differs From Residential Roofing in Sacramento

Residential and commercial buildings serve very different purposes. One houses a business, and the other is someone’s home. The roofs of these buildings are going to match those needs as well. This means that the roofs of most businesses are generally going to be utilitarian in nature. There may be some design choices for a few locations where an attractively designed roof is used to promote the business, but commercial buildings will generally have the most durable, though not beautiful, roofs.

Residential buildings will typically be designed to look pleasing in addition to protecting the house from rain, sun, and other weather. These different expectations that are placed on commercial roofs compared with residential roofs can lead to differences in almost every aspect of the roofing process.


There are often significant differences in the designs of roofs of commercial and residential buildings. The roofs of commercial buildings are generally very large and flat, whereas residential buildings will usually have a pitched design. The pitch provides significant assistance with water mitigation, but it is also what makes the roof so visible. For flat commercial building roofs, there is a great risk of standing water, which makes the use of a material that protects against water damage so critical in these roofs.


The materials that are used on residential roofs serve both form and function. They offer protection while also appearing pleasing to those viewing the roof. In particular, the use of shingles provides a textured look to a roof. These come in different color options and add a nice accent to the design of a home. While these materials generally look better, they are less durable than more utility-based materials.

For a commercial roof, on the other hand, the materials are going to be largely centered on functionality and durability. Because most commercial roofs are never seen, the materials involved aren’t designed with appearance in mind. However, they are often more durable and better at managing the challenges that weather can cause for a roof.


Generally, most residential roofs are going to be smaller and similarly sized. These roofs will generally take a few days or a week to install, although there could be some exceptions that might lead to a longer process.

Commercial building roof installation can vary significantly, depending on a variety of factors, including the size of the roof, the shape of the roof, any complexities involved, and the materials being used. Most installations will take a few weeks, but there are some situations where it could last much longer.

Maintenance and Repairs

Because of their size, commercial buildings will often require more maintenance than residential roofs. However, the materials used are more durable, which could mitigate some of the risks of damage. The most important thing in both situations is to regularly examine the roof for damage or any degradation.


Q: Why Are Commercial Roofs More Expensive Than Residential?

A: Commercial roofs are more expensive than residential roofs for a variety of reasons. Generally, commercial buildings are going to be larger and more complicated than residential roofs. Therefore, roofing these buildings will require more materials, more time involved in installation, and unique installation challenges.

Additionally, the warranty costs could be a little longer, and the roofs themselves are often designed for greater complexity. There are also different regulations that must be met, and ensuring compliance can increase the costs.

Q: How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Roof in Sacramento?

A: How much it costs to replace a roof in Sacramento can vary significantly. A number of different factors go into determining the cost of a roof replacement, including the size of the roof, any unique obstacles or shapes to the roof, the kinds of materials that will be involved, and other factors. If you are wondering what it could cost to replace your roof, contact a roofer for an estimate.

Q: What Is the Most Common Commercial Roofing?

A: The most common form of commercial roofing can vary and change over time. It’s important, also, that the roofing be appropriate for the building and its needs. Some of the more common kinds of commercial roofing include thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and silicone. Other popular roofs include EPDM roofing, built-up roofing, and metal roofing.

Q: How Long Does It Take to Replace a Roof?

A: Replacing a roof can take anywhere from a few days for a small residential building to several weeks for a large commercial building. While it’s understandable that you want the job done quickly, it’s also important to remember that you want the roof to be durable and last as well. Your roofers should be sure to take enough time to ensure the quality of the installation.

Whether You Need Commercial or Residential Roofing, We Can Help

At Noah’s Roofing, we provide quality roofs for both commercial and residential buildings, and our company has been doing so for more than 40 years. We understand just how significant of a purchase that roofing can be for our customers, and we take the responsibility seriously. We always want to make sure that we have a thorough understanding of what our clients need and want in the aesthetics of their roofs while ensuring that they are also functional.

For us, every job is a unique project that deserves attention and care. That’s why we customize our approach to fit the needs of your roof. We pair that customized approach with high-quality materials that enable your roof to protect your home, increase the value of your property, and have the right aesthetic fit with the rest of your home or business. For your roofing needs, whether commercial or residential, contact Noah’s Roofing today.

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