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Homeowners and business owners depend on their roof to protect them, their family, and their business from inclement weather. Even when you maintain your roof, harsh weather or time can harm the integrity of your roof. A storm or years of wear and tear on a roof can cause sudden and severe damage. If you spot a sudden leak in your home’s roof, missing or cracked shingles, or water damage in your home, you need emergency repairs done quickly and effectively by a roofing professional.

When you need emergency repairs to keep your Roseville home safe and dry, Noah’s Roofing can provide the residential and commercial roofing repairs you need. We can inspect your roof to determine the root cause of the issue, whether it is loose flashing, cracked shingles, or other damage. Our team identifies the issue and fixes it with quality work.

How to Know When You Need Emergency Repairs

Many types of emergency damage are obvious to homeowners, but some are more subtle. The sooner you notice issues connected to a potential roof leak, the less extreme the damage and resulting repairs will be. You should look out for:

  • Ceiling Water Damage: Discolored ceilings in your home point to a recurring leak from your roof or incorrectly placed flashing. If the leak is larger than several inches across, you need emergency repair. Spots can be hidden in corners or even appear along walls. The longer you wait to address a leak, the more damage that water does to your home’s interior. It can weaken walls, lead to mold growth, and cause more water damage to the rest of the house.
  • External Roof Damage: Emergency repair is commonly required for serious external damage. This is the most obvious form of emergency repair for your roof. A storm may have knocked large amounts of debris onto the roof, causing cracks or even holes. Time and wind damage may have worn away at the shingles, creating a break in the roof structure.
  • Moist Walls or Bubbling and Peeling Paint: If enough water is leaking into your home and running down walls, they can become full of moisture. This can cause painted or wallpapered walls to begin to bubble or peel away from the wall. This is a sign that you need emergency roof repair. The damage could be the result of a roof leak or a leaking pipe.
  • Puddles and Drips: If your home sees puddles and active leaks during or after rain, you need emergency roof repair. If many spots in your house are leaking and discolored, you need to get buckets and containers under the leaks before they do further damage to your floors. Then you need to contact a roofing professional for emergency repairs.

Roofing repair is necessary for the upkeep and longevity of your roof. It also protects your home from water damage. Routine roof maintenance and inspection can prevent some emergency situations. Even so, sudden leaks can happen for several reasons. Address them as soon as you notice them.

Your Roseville Emergency Roofing Repair Contractor

At Noah’s Roofing, we provide quality emergency roof repair services throughout Roseville. We work hard to give our clients exceptional services that they can depend on. Our team can tailor our roofing service to your home or business needs. It’s important that we identify and fix whatever is causing the leak. We can do so quickly and to a high standard of quality.

Our teams adhere to a high level of care and detail when completing any roofing job, from repair to roof replacement. At Noah’s Roofing, we pride ourselves on our legacy of care and commitment to our community and our clients. We constantly aim to enhance our work and skills to provide better and more effective services.

Our Repair Services in Roseville

Our professional teams at Noah’s Roofing can handle any roofing repair issues. We have the experience and resources to identify and take care of the cause of your emergency repairs. Common roofing repair needs include:

  • Loose, Missing, or Cracked Shingles Many Roseville homes and businesses have asphalt shingles, which are a cost-effective and fairly durable form of roofing material. Over time, however, shingles can be damaged by wind, rain, debris, UV rays, and hail. These shingles are the barrier between the outside elements and the rest of your roof. Therefore, they need to be in good shape. Damage can cause bald spots on shingles, break or crack them, or knock them loose entirely. These issues can lead to water seeping into your home and causing water damage. It also creates other weaknesses in your home, such as allowing pests to enter or increasing your energy bills.
  • Broken Tiling Some Roseville homes have tile roofing, which provides a beautiful appearance and durability. These roofs can last up to 50 years when they are properly cared for. Although tile roofs are durable, extreme impact or certain types of weather can cause tiles to break. Improper installation can also make a tile roof more susceptible to damage. At Noah’s Roofing, we can repair broken tiles and replace damaged sections. This can prevent further leaking into your home.
  • Clogged or Sagging Gutters When gutters are broken or clogged, they don’t fulfill their job of moving water away from your home’s roof and foundation. This can lead to water pooling on your roof, which can run down your siding. Eventually, it can seep through your foundation and basement, causing structural damage to your home. When water is allowed to overflow and pool, it’s more likely to find weaknesses and breaks in your home than if it flowed off quickly. If enough water pools in your gutters for long enough, the gutters may begin to sag and pull away from your house. This could cause further damage to the roof.
  • Attic, Crawl Space, and Fascia Mold If components of your roof are rotting or molding, this likely means there is a leak letting moisture into your home’s interior. This eats away at the wood in your roof, crawl space, and fascia, weakening it. Repairs can prevent this moisture buildup. At Noah’s Roofing, we can also install vapor barrier systems to limit moisture and humidity.
  • Improper Flashing Roof flashing covers joints and intersections in your roof. This includes valleys, gutter lines, corners, and around heat vents and chimneys. If these areas are damaged or badly installed, it results in serious roof leaks. The flashing may be rusted, cracked, or simply installed by a non-professional. Our teams can determine where your roof is leaking and repair or replace the flashing. We can replace the whole system if necessary to ensure your roof remains waterproof.
  • Storm Damage A storm may mean you need emergency repairs. Extreme weather like thunderstorms, lightning, hail, and even hurricanes can appear without warning and create roof damage. Sometimes, homeowners and business owners fail to notice storm damage that can cause severe issues. A professional inspection can find and repair damage before it causes leaks that lead to interior water damage.

Roof Repair FAQs

Q: How Do You Temporarily Fix Missing Shingles?

A: It is critical to prevent further damage until you can get a professional emergency replacement. Therefore, move the shingles back into place, if you can find them, and staple or nail them in place. If you can’t find the shingles, or they are seriously cracked, instead cover the area with a waterproof tarp or makeshift sheet metal shingles. These solutions are only temporary. However, they can prevent some water and weather damage until a professional arrives for permanent repairs. Always be careful while on ladders or your roof.

Q: Is a Hole in the Roof an Emergency?

A: Yes, a hole in your roof is an emergency. Even a small hole can mean a constant leak that slowly widens and results in an expensive fix. It will also cause significant water damage to your home or business’s interior. If you see a hole in your roof, or are noticing a leak in the ceiling or discoloration, you need emergency roof repair services.

Q: How Do You Patch a Roof Fast?

A: The quickest way to patch a hole or damaged area in the roof is to cover the area with a waterproof tarp. Then, nail it into place. Cover the nail heads and holes in the tarp with roofing cement. This can temporarily keep rain out of your home’s interior until you can get emergency repairs completed. Never go onto your roof while it’s raining. If you are unable to get to your roof, put a waterproof tarp up inside your attic or crawl space.

Q: What Should I Do If My Roof Leaks During a Storm?

A: Firstly, clear the floor and surrounding area of electrical appliances and fabrics. Cover the area with tarps and put buckets, pots, pans, or other large containers under where the leak or multiple leaks are occurring. Then, determine where the leaks are coming from. They may be the result of a leak in the roof, a burst or leaking pipe, or an issue with a water heater or AC unit. If the leak is because of a breach in your roof, you need to contact an emergency roofing repair contractor as soon as you can.

Emergency Roof Repairs With Noah’s Roofing

It’s essential to stay on top of any damage you notice to your roof. If your commercial or residential Roseville roof needs an emergency repair, contact Noah’s Roofing today to get a fast and quality fix.


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