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Noah’s Roofing is your trusted partner for top-quality commercial roofing solutions in Orangevale and the surrounding areas. Whether you need an all-new metal roof installed in a state-of-the-art facility or simply need to patch up a roof leak at your office, we can complete your project at fair rates and on a fast turnaround that leaves you, your team, and your inventory protected from the elements.

At Noah’s Roofing, we don’t just install and repair roofs; we craft roofing systems that embody our commitment to excellence in every layer of material and throughout every phase of the project. With an unwavering dedication to quality, professionalism, innovation, and customer service, we proudly stand out among the competition as the Sacramento area’s most experienced roofing contractor. Whether you’re expanding your primary residence to accommodate a home-based business, refurbishing a historic business space to get it up to code, or building a large commercial structure from the ground up, the team at Noah’s Roofing is eager to help make your commercial roofing project a success.

Elevate Your Commercial Property With a World-Class Roof From Noah’s Roofing

A roof is perhaps the single most integral piece of a building when it comes to protecting what’s inside from the elements, and that holds true whether we’re talking about a hay barn or a modern office complex. A well-built roof gives you and your staff peace of mind, improves the overall structural integrity of your facility, increases resale value for years into the future, and protects the assets stored within the building, whether that’s a warehouse full of products or the high-tech equipment that keeps your enterprise running.

At Noah’s Roofing, we don’t just install quality roofs; we deliver peace of mind, resilience, and lasting value on a business-to-business basis for our Orangevale neighbors.

Here’s how our wealth of experience can transform and upgrade your commercial property:

  • Unmatched Coverage From the Elements – Our roofing systems will shield your establishment from the harshest elements, whether the dominant California sun or extreme weather systems carried on the Pacific. You, your staff, and your crucial business assets will stay safe from rain, wind, and extreme heat.
  • Leak-Free Roofing Solutions – Worries about leaks in your office or warehouse are a thing of the past with our meticulous installation techniques and state-of-the-art water mitigation technologies. After all, the most important part of a Noah’s Roofing installation isn’t the roof itself but what’s below it: a dry and comfortable interior for your operation and your staff.
  • Instant Energy Efficiency Upgrade – Energy efficiency is of paramount importance for modern business operations, and your roof can be a key asset in reducing your carbon footprint. Our use of modern materials and techniques helps you regulate your indoor temperatures more efficiently, reducing heating and cooling costs throughout the year.
  • A High-Value Investment – An attractive roof that has been professionally installed by a reputable contractor like Noah’s Roofing will also enhance the resale value of your current property. This can make a significant difference in your future finances if you find yourself needing to move your business to a different facility or if you decide to sell your operation to an investor. Prospective buyers throughout California are familiar with the inherent quality of Noah’s Roofing, so our roof will instantly mark your property as a potentially valuable investment.
  • Maximum Longevity – While any busy commercial operation will need routine roof maintenance from time to time, as with any other part of their facility, you can rest assured our premium materials, smart designs, attention to detail, and dedication to excellence extend the lifespan of your roof, which can, in turn, extend the overall lifespan of your property.

Commercial Roofer FAQs:

Q: What Is a C-39 Roofing License?

A: A C-39 roofing license is a contractor’s license in the State of California that allows individuals to legally perform roofing work on various types of structures. Obtaining this license involves putting in the necessary hours as a journeyman, passing a rigorous exam, and meeting insurance requirements. These stringent requirements underline the importance of high-quality roofs.

Q: Can a General Contractor Do Roofing in California?

A: Yes, a general contractor in the State of California can perform roofing work, but there are important considerations. For example, many types of roofing work require that your contractor holds an active C-39 roofing license. Even for roof-related projects that do not explicitly require a C-39, it is highly advisable to consult with a C-39 licensed roofer for any roof-related or roof-adjacent repairs or installs. Be advised that a general contractor who does not hold an active C-39 license needs to subcontract any jobs requiring a C-39 out to qualified roofing companies. Failure to comply with state and local building requirements can jeopardize your business facility opening on schedule after a roofing project.

Q: What Is the NAICS Code for a Commercial Roofing Contractor?

A: The NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) is used by various federal agencies to classify businesses for administrative and regulatory purposes, as well as for collecting and publishing useful economic data. These uses range from collecting taxes to disbursing business grants, making the NAICS a valuable and powerful federal tool. The six-digit NAICS code for “Roofing Contractors” is 238160. This is the NAICS code that should be used for any business primarily engaged in installing, repairing, treating, and/or maintaining roofs and skylights.

Q: How Many Layers of Roofing Are Allowed in California?

A: Speaking very generally, California’s building codes allow for a maximum of two layers of asphalt shingles when constructing a roof. That being said, the precise answer to this question can vary depending on the materials being used for the roof, the type of building, and local codes and regulations. The qualified team at Noah’s Roofing can ensure you know all of your options and help you choose the one that fits you before we move forward with any work.

Noah’s Roofing: Family-Owned and Operated Commercial Roofing Pros

Whether you’re a mom-and-pop corner store or a major commercial landlord serving the Sacramento area, the team at Noah’s Roofing would love to schedule a chat to discuss how we can collaborate on a roofing project that can quickly and cost-effectively upgrade your business.


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