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The roof of any structure is one of the first protectants against the elements that can impact your home or business. Thermoplastic Olefin, commonly known as TPO, is an alternative to other types of roofing that is both economical and provides the energy efficiency commercial and residential customers are looking for. If this sounds like the type of roof you are interested in, An Orangevale TPO roofing contractor can add one to your home or business.

Our roofing contractors at Noah’s Roofing not only recommend this product but also have the skill, efficiency, and experience to do the job and get it done right. While some roofing companies may recommend ethylene propylene diene terpolymer (EPDM) or PVC roofing for such projects, we know that the cost savings you receive from TPO roofing will not sacrifice quality or efficiency.

What Is TPO Roofing?

TPO roofing is a single-ply roofing product that is designed in three layers, including a TPO polymer base, a polyester-reinforced fabric in the center, and a thermoplastic polyolefin compounded top.

These layers include a blend of fillers such as talc, fiberglass, carbon fiber, wollastonite, and other rubberized materials that are commonly found in other, more expensive, roofing products. These layers work together to provide the UV and heat resistance that customers are looking for.

Benefits of TPO Roofing

TPO Roofing provides several benefits for customers beyond the cost savings. Many of these benefits include:

  • Fits different styles of roofs. While shingles or other products may be more common, they may not be the right fit for your roofing needs. Because TPO roofing is applied as a sheet, it can fit different styles, sizes, and shapes of the roof. Add in the availability of the product in white, gray, or black, and it can certainly match the aesthetic you are looking for.
  • Cool-certified. Many believe that in order for something to be UV reflective, it should be a lighter color, such as white. However, TPO products are cool-certified, which means that no matter what color you pick, you will enjoy the energy benefits TPO provides.
  • While you are saving on the cost of TPO roofing, you will not sacrifice dependability or longevity. TPO roofing is designed to resist mold, dirt, tears, and punctures, which will leave you with a roof that will last. Because of its pliability, it will allow shifts in the settling of the home and the impacts of contractions and expansions from temperature changes.
  • Energy efficiency. From large corporations to residential homeowners, everyone is looking to save money on their utility bills. With TPO roofing, you will receive a product that exceeds the requirements for an Energy Star rating. With these energy savings, you are not only keeping your own utility costs low, but you are helping to reduce the carbon footprint of your structure and helping the environment.
  • Installation savings. TPO roofing is a breeze to install. Because TPO is generally manufactured to be a wider sheet than other similar products, it can be installed with less material, which creates fewer seams on your roof. The more seams your roof has, the greater the chance there is for a leak or tear in your roof to form. With an easier installation comes important cost savings to you.

Already Have TPO Roofing and Need Repair?

You may already be a customer of TPO roofing and have enjoyed its benefits for many years, but, like all roofs in Orangevale, you may find signs that repairs are needed. There are four signs to look for when determining if your TPO roof is ready for some TLC from roof repair professionals.

  • Cracks and splits in the material. While the sun is a benefit to many parts of our planet, constant exposure to sunlight over time can cause roofing products to crack or split as they age.
  • It appears to be blistering or peeling. A number of factors, from poor installation to battering from the elements, can cause the membrane to no longer adhere properly to the roof and cause blistering or peeling.
  • Water is forming ponds on the surface. Ponding water isn’t a sign of damage to your TPO but a common problem amongst homes and businesses with flat roofs. If you have ponding water on your roof, it could cause damage over time.
  • There is evidence of UV damage. Although TPO is great at reflecting UV rays away from your roof, it may become damaged in the form of cracks, splits, or other similar damage.

If you notice any of these signs or something about your TPO layered roof that doesn’t seem right, don’t wait for a problem to form—call the roofing contractors at Noah’s Roofing and let our team evaluate your roof.


Q: How Long Will a TPO Roof Last?

A: While the life of the roof is contingent upon conditions and circumstances a roof is exposed to, such as its location, exposure to sunlight, and other factors, TPO roofs will last an average of 20-30 years. This longevity requires proper maintenance and installation to maximize, as does the life of any roof.

Q: Can You Walk on TPO Roofing?

A: Like most roofing materials, TPO roofing is able to be walked on in order to inspect the roof, make repairs, and for other various reasons. However, it is always recommended to walk on roofing pads placed on top of the TPO material in order to minimize the damage the roof may sustain during an inspection or repair process.

Q: Is a TPO Roof Good Quality?

A: Because of the make-up of the material and the ease of installation, TPO roofing is generally considered a good quality roof. While it is relatively economical, due to the longevity of life and the general ability to protect your home or business from the elements while maximizing your utility bills, you should highly consider this type of roof for your next installation or repair.

Q: What Does TPO Stand for in Roofing?

A: TPO is an abbreviation for Thermoplastic Polyolefin. This type of roof is a single-ply, three-layer roofing material that has the capability of not only withstanding many natural elements but also blocking out UV rays and repelling heat away from your home or business. The thickness of this membrane can range from 45 mm up to 90 mm.

Professional TPO Installation and Repair in Orangevale

If you are in need of a new roof and want help considering options beyond shingles, Noah’s Roofing can help. Not only can we show you the benefits of TPO roofing, but we can guide you through our installation process so you know what to expect from start to finish. If you’re ready for your new roof or need roof repairs, contact the roofing contractors at Noah’s Roofing and let us get you started with a free quote.


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